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223 wylde, ar15 uppers, ar15 complete upper
  • Sgt of Arms CUR-15

    The Sgt of Arms CUR-15 (Competition Utility Rifle) is designed for use under a certain set of conditions based on the users end goal. Whether that is short range shooting, carbine matches or use in 2 or 3 gun matches. This AR15 fills every void. Lightweight for maneuverability (7lbs 4oz in the 18" the heaviest configuration), ability to be under 36" overall length to be compact enough to clear rooms but has enough barrel length to get better ballistics for long range shots. Only offered in .223 Wylde or 5.56 Chambering.  Slim modular design handguard with M-Lok slots to run only what you need. Even though we say these are some good looking rifles, everything used on this rifle serves a purpose. The rifle is built with high performance components that have been thoroughly tested in multiple conditions. This provides an accurate reliable rifle that is capable of sub-moa accuracy in any weather. This rifle is built with Forward Control Designs small parts along with the Sgt of Arms match winning know how, this rifle will be the absolute best rifle for the end user. A big factor in the parts that were used is that they were all 100% made in the USA.  *These rifles are built to order current lead time is 20+ weeks. Price is for rifle only*


    • Rifle Weight- 7lbs 4oz. With a badger mount and a 1-6 Vortex gen 2 pst, 9lbs 1oz


    • Rifle Length- In the 18" configuration. Fully collapsed 35 1/2". Fully extended 38 3/4"


    • Sgt of Arms Billet Upper- 7076 T6 Billet Aluminum. These come with a matched lower.


    • Sgt of Arms Billet Lower- 7076 T6 Billet Aluminum. These come with a matched upper.


    • Sgt of Arms Slim Line Rail- 6061 T6 Extruded Aluminum, 4140 pre-heat treated steel barrel nut that has been black nitride coated, anti walk and anti roll tabs. MLOK slots at the 3, 6 and 9 positions.


    • Gas Tube- Stainless steel tubing. The rifle length gas system is for 18" only. 14.5" and 16" barrels will have a mid-length gas tube.


    • Buffer Tube- Constructed from 7075-T6 with 6 position option for stock adjustment. These Fit all standard AR15 lowers.


    • Ergo Adjustable Gas Block- This gas block was chosen because of the consistency and durability with thousands of rounds on multiple competition style rifles. Ability to tune out gas to smooth out the system is important factor when wanting to keep eyes on target. These are 4140 chromoly steel, nitride/melonite finish and manufactured in the USA.


    • JP LMOS- (Low Mass Operating System) reduces felt recoil and less movement during cycling to aid in shooter being able to stay on target.  This carrier has 100% bearing surface to aid in smoother operation.


    • JP SCS- (Silent Capture Spring) provides consistent lockup paired with the JP LMOS. This system design eliminated friction that standard buffer assemblys have. This in turn results in exceptional smoothness and reduced sound.


    • Sgt of Arms Barrel- High end match grade barrels that produce .5 moa groups with supporting quality parts. Barrels are 416R stainless, button cut 5R rifling, and hand lapped. A headspaced bolt is provided with the barrel. These barrels are custom cut to order, with the highest QC in the industry.


    • GEISSELLE SSA-E - (Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced) Curved two stage trigger with a strong and tactile reset. Makes for accurate shooting at longer distances when prepping the trigger for the shot. The curved design helps keep your finger on the same place of the trigger for consistent engagment when pulling the trigger. 1st stage is 2.3lbs and the 2nd stage is 1.2lbs. Trigger pin diameter is .154.


    • Forward Controls Design ASF-50Q- (Ambidextrous Selector,)  A 50° short throw that is smooth and very durable being made with 4140 steel. Very minimal movement of the levers so you know forsure what position it is in without looking. Gives the end user the ablilty to run the levers on either side and either length for ultimate comfort to fit the shooter style of shooting.


    • Forward Controls Design CNF- (Castle Nut) This castle nut was chosen for one main reason. It offers the abilty when staking to displace more material into the notches by being longer and deeper. Made from billet machined 4140 PH steel.


    • Forward Controls Design ESF-H-(End plate, Sling Adapter) Added adjustability with three quick detach sling swivel sockets. With running the B5 stock you can fully collapse the stock and still take advantage of the rear QD socket. This is a very durable end plate made from 4140 steel.


    • Forward Controls Design LDFA-(Low Drag Forward Assist) Does not have a rim on the end of the forward assist making it more ergonomic when using a ambi charging handle. You no longer have to worry about hitting your knuckle on a mil-spec forward assist. Made from 4130 steel bar stock.


    • Forward Controls Design EMR-(Enhanced Mag Release) designed with a slight curved face that fits the natural curve of your finger. Either option of serrations or dimpled will help keep the finger centered on the button with add grip. Made from 4140 steel.


    • Forward Controls Design ABC/R v3- (Augmented Bolt Catch/Release) Offers an angled and larger top paddle along with a larger lower paddle. The paddles both have a slight outward facing angle. This makes it easier to get your fingers on the paddles to seamless magazine changes. Offered in both serrations and dimples for added grip and ergonomics. These are made from billet 8620 alloy steel.

    The Sgt of Arms CUR-15 is built to order and has a current lead time of 20+ weeks.

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