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Are you looking to add that last personal touch to your rifle but not sure what to do? Add cerakote! Cerakote is a polymer and ceramic coating that provides an excellent abrasion and wear resistance as well as protecting your rifle from corrosion and chemicals. The ceramic coating benefits your firearm by providing and enhancing the physical components by improving the levels of wear and tear over time. The cerakote creates a hard surface that resists scratching and other abrasions, such as if the rifle is dropped or otherwise impacted by something. It can be applied to metals, plastics, and polymers, so basically every material that is used in building a firearm. From basic one color options to full blown custom and multicolor work, we have you covered. We also offer stencil pattern such as different camos and tiger stripes or even that movie quote you love. To check out all of the color options we have available, head over to the gallery on Cerakote's website. Any of the colors listed there, we are able to order and make your vision come to life! Be sure to check out our photo gallery below to check out some of the shop's favorite jobs that have come out of our cerakote booth. 

Cerakote Pricing
Single piece: $60+
Single color:  $150
2 color/battleworn: $250
3 color camo: $300
Stencil Patterns: $100
Gun tear down, build and test: $60


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