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We now offer in house cerakote. Cerakote is a polymer and ceramic coating that provides excellent abrasion and wear resistance, as well as protection from corrosion and chemicals. The ceramic coating benefits the firearm by providing and enhancing physical components including: Improving the wear and tear over time. This creates a hard surface that resists scratching and other abrasion, such as if the pistol is dropped or otherwise impacted by something. It can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers, and wood surfaces, so basically every material that's used in constructing a firearm.  From the basic one color options, to full blown custom work we have you covered. We also do custom stencil patterns. If you have a pattern in mind and we can sync it with our stencil cutter we can make it happen. We are offering this service for more than just rifles and pistols.  For work outside of rifles and pistols give us a call. Check out our picture gallery for what we have done.

Cerakote Pricing
Single piece: $60 and up
Single color:  $150
2 color/battleworn: $250
3 color: $300
Stencil Patterns: $100
Gun tear down, build and test: $60


stripe pattern vol 6.jpg
rambo 223 2.jpg
american flag cerakote.jpg
texas piggin 10.jpg
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