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This page will offer you a few ideas on how you want us to build your next fully custom AR10 or AR15. Here you will find many different colors, patterns and parts being used. Best part is, this is only a fraction of the possibilities of what we offer. Each build is based on one of our lines of rifles, this just gives the end user even more options for their own customizations. One of the most exciting parts of this company is that we get to create a one of a kind piece for our customers that really will be the perfect fit for the shooter's needs and style.  These custom builds were crafted and designed through extensive research and development to make the most accurate and precise rifle possible. 
Give us a call or send us an email today to start your brand new custom AR10 or AR15. We will get to know you and your goals to make the right recommendations for you. Whether you are building a lightweight hunting rig or a precision rifle for your next match, we got you covered. Be sure to check out our picture gallery for more ideas on cerakote and what else we have to offer. 

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