Hunting Rifles

If You Need Shooting Equipment, Call SoA for Hunting Rifles, Pistols and More

If you want to get to know a gun shop that you can trust, then you’re in the right place. Here at SoA, we want to help you get the right shooting equipment and hunting rifles for your needs. Our company is U.S.M.C. Combat Veteran-owned and operated. Based in Texas, we focus on competition shooting. We participate in club matches throughout the south and pride ourselves in long-distance target shooting.

We are meticulous when it comes to creating precision rifles. We test everything we make before shipping, so we can guarantee that our rifles are as precise as possible for you. We only send the highest-quality items to you, because we know that you should expect nothing less than perfection from us.

On our website, you can shop directly. We offer handguards, pistols, tumblers and other items that we know you’re going to love. We keep our pricing transparent, making it easy to see the item and cost up front, so you can quickly make a decision about your purchase.

Whether you’re interested in wearing our gear or want to participate in the long-range experience, we have everything you could want on our website. We offer a variety of items at fair prices, giving you what you need at a fair cost.

Our shop is unique, and we do our best to keep you up-to-date on our latest events, news and more. You can follow our blog or video blog to see more about our company. We also have a picture gallery of all our items, so you can see them in action and in the hands of those who support us.

Whether you need range gear, want to get training or are trying to buy triggers or lower parts kits, we’re here to help. We have handguards, bolt carrier groups, muzzle devices and other items that are perfect for your situation. Chat with us if you'd like more information about our company, training or services.