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We Build Tools, not Toys

 2022 our current lead time for new builds with Tbox barrels will be 14-16weeks. UPS shipping times are currently taking 2-3 extra days.

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Sgt of Arms shooters secured the most wins in the Precision Rifle Series Gas Gun Division throughout the 2020 and 2021 season, also winning the PRS Gas Gun division and the PRS finale for the gas gun division in 2020!

          2020 PRS Gas Gun Division                      1st, 2nd - Clay's Cartridge Classic
1st - Pigg River Precision
1st, 4th - K&M Kahles Precision Competition
1st, 2nd - Fouled Bore Precision Showdown
1st - Reville Peak Ranch
1st - Kestrel Fall Classic
1st - Big Dog Steel Fall Challenge
3rd - Punisher Positional
1st, 4th - Quantified Performance
1st, 3rd, 4th - P.R.S. Finale


            2021 PRS Gas Gun Division
2nd-Frontline Spring
2nd-Pig River1st-Vaportrail
1st, 1st, 3rd, 7th-Quantified Performance
4th-2021 Leupold Steel Classic
2nd-Best in Texas PRS & AG cup Qualifier
1st-2nd Okie Spring Showdown
2nd-Impact Precision Rifle Challenge
1st-Okie summer Showdown by US Optics
2nd-Revellie Peak Ranch PRS Open

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