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We offer our Ar15 and AR10 ARCA handguards in length of 15.5" and 17.5" to give you the full potential of utilizing an ARCA setup. These are perfect for the hunter who wants to make a stand in a field for coyotes or pigs using a tripod. These handguards are a direct fit to the Aero Precision M4E1 and M5E1 enhanced uppers. They also fit standard uppers with the addition of the barrel nut option listed on each product page. These handguards come with a 1.72" inside diameter and will fit suppressors up to 1.5" in outside diameter. These handguards are made from 6063-T6 aluminum and are extremely durable. For the AR 15 and AR10 handguards they are all M-Lok slots and have two front and two rear quick disconnect buckets for a sling built-in. The Slim line of handguards we offer are perfect for a smaller build where you may not want a larger outside diameter rail and do not plan to run ARCA for tripods. They also are all M-Lok slots. The slim AR10 and AR15 handguards will only accept a low profile gas block. The AR10 handguards come in twelve and fifteen inch lengths. The AR15 handguards come in seven, nine, twelve and fifteen inch lengths. All handguards come either anodized or your choice of cerakote.

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