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  • Forward Controls Design EMR-H (Enhanced Mag Release)

    The EMR-H that Forward Control Designs created is a simple yet effective mag release button upgrade without the feeling of being too overly sized and prone to getting snagged. This button was designed for duty and defense ARs for the very reason of its ability to sit closer to the face of the lower receiver and within the lower's mag release fence. With the slight curve on the mag release surface, it will be able to more comfortably fit the natural curve of the user's finger. The form fitting curve in addition to either option of the horizontal serrations or the dimpled mag release, it will create a self centering surface that will restrict the finger's vertical movements. The Enhanced Mag Release has a milspec through hole for the magazine catch's shaft. When it is installed, the mag release button has very little protrusion above the mag release button fence on most receivers. The EMR's height is almost the exact same as a factory mag release button with its top and bottom edge being 0.02" taller due to the small curve of the button. 

    The EMR-H is machined from 4140 bar stock and is QPQ coated.
    Made in the USA



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