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6.5 creedmoor, ar 10, ar10
  • The Truck Creed (6.5 Creedmoor)

    The "Truck creed" is chambered in 6.5 creedmoor, was designed to be a short, compact but hard hitting accurate rifle. This rifle is designed for riding around your ranch in your truck or side by side and see that coyote or group of pigs that you need to eliminate off of your property from 1000+ yards. this rifle will maintain 1,000 ft lbs of energy at just over 600 yards. The Truck Creed is also capable of targets shooting beyond 1,000 yards. Offered in barrel lengths of 14.5 and 16" and comes with a Law tactical folder.



    • Aero M5E1 Enhanced Upper- This upper is utilized for it being a thicker forged upper where the extension of the barrel goes. This leads to less point of impact shift when loading a bipod. It also supports heavier longer barrels better that a standard upper.


    • Sgt of Arms Billet Lower- 7076 T6 Billet Aluminum. These are manufactured to our spec to ensure reliable feeding.


    • ARCA Handguard- Made from 6063 T3 Aluminum. This is a one piece free float design with a intergrated ARCA on the bottom of the handguard. You can fit up to a 1.5" outside diameter suppressor in the handguard. Has quick disconnect sockets on  the front and rear on each side of the handguard. Comes in 15.5" and 17.5" options.


    • Gas Tube- Stainless steel tubing.


    • Buffer Tube- Constructed from 7075-T6 with 6 position option for stock adjustment. These Fit all standard AR15 lowers.


    • Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter- This folder is machined from 4140 steel. You have the ability to set the folders tension to make it user friendly. These are  DLC coated. The law tactical folder is a perfect option for hiking with a rifle that isn't too long, that will fit right in a backpack. This allows an extra 1.3" length of pull for more added adjustability.


    • JP LMOS- (Low Mass Operating System) reduces felt recoil and less movement during cycling to aid in shooter being able to stay on target. This carrier has 100% bearing surface to aid in smoother operation.


    • JP SCS- (Silent Capture Spring) provides consistent lockup paired with the JP LMOS. This system design eliminates friction that a standard buffer assembly has. This in turn results in exceptional smoothness and reduced sound.


    • Sgt of Arms Barrel- High end match grade barrels that produce .5 moa groups with supporting quality parts. Barrels are 416R stainless, button cut 5R rifling, and hand lapped. A headspaced JP High Pressure bolt is provided with the barrel. These barrels are custom cut to order, with the highest quality control in the industry, with over 40 checks throughout the process.


    NOTE:  Cerakote options are only for single color. To do multi-colors or patterns please call us for correct pricing. Lead time on these builds are 20+ weeks. Must ship to your local FFL or pickup in store.

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