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ar10 lower, ar10 handguard, ar10 upper
  • Sgt of Arms Marksman

    The Marksman Rifle is an AR-10 rifle was designed to be the best long range precision rifle on the market.  Countless hours of R&D on different components and build technique were put into this rifle to ensure that performed at the highest level of competition and precision shooting possible.  These AR10 platform rifles have been proven year after year to be winners in both the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and Quantified Performance Precision Gas Gun Matches. These rifles are capable of sub quarter MOA of accuracy and have a sub half moa accuracy guaranteed. They are offered in many different cartridges ie: 22 Creedmoor, 6 GT, 6x47 Lapua, 6 Creedmoor, 25x47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x47 Lapua and 308 Win. This rifle has an effective range of over 1400 yards. This is the rifle that our team uses to be the winningest company in the PRS Gas Gun Division.


    These rifles have longer than normal gas systems to provide a smoother shooting, easier to time rifle and to be able to squeeze every bit of muzzle velocity out of them to ensure the best ballistics possible.  Most of them besides the 308 chambered rifles are plus 2 and plus 3 gas systems depending on the cartridge and barrel length.



    • Aero M5 Enhanced upper- These are a one piece design with the handguard mount built into the upper creating a true free float barrel, and a more rigid barrel extension to support heavier barrels better.


    • Hiperfire Eclipse- Clean crisp single stage trigger with exceptional hammer strength and quick lock up time.  These triggers are Electroless Nickel Boron (NiB). Has a straight trigger bow with a hipershoe finger pad. This allows for consistent placement of your finger every time.


    • GEISSELLE SSA-E or SD-E - (Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced) (Super Dynamic Enhanced) Curved or straight two stage trigger with a strong and tactile reset. Makes for accurate shooting at longer distances when prepping the trigger for the shot. The curved design helps keep your finger on the same place of the trigger for consistent engagement when pulling the trigger. 1st stage is 2.3lbs and the 2nd stage is 1.2lbs. Trigger pin diameter is .154.


    • JP LMOS- (Low Mass Operating System) reduces felt recoil and less movement during cycling to aid in shooter being able to stay on target. This carrier has 100% bearing surface to aid in smoother operation. These are made from stainless steel and have a polished finished.


    • JP SCS- (Silent Capture Spring) provides consistent lockup paired with the JP LMOS. This system design eliminated friction that standard buffer assemblys have. This in turn results in exceptional smoothness and reduced sound.


    • Sgt of Arms Precision Barrel- High end match grade barrels that produce .5 moa groups with supporting quality parts. Barrels are 416R stainless, button cut 5R rifling, and hand lapped. A headspaced bolt is provided with the barrel. These barrels are custom cut to order, with the highest quality control in the industry.


    • ARCA Handguard- Made from 6063 T3 Aluminum. This is a one piece free float design with a integrated ARCA on the bottom of the handguard. You can fit up to a 1.5" outside diameter suppressor in the handguard. Has quick disconnect sockets on  the front and rear on each side of the handguard. Comes in 15.5" and 17.5" options.


    • XLR Buttstock- These offer full adjustability for the end user. Ranging from a 12-15" length of pull (LOP) and an adjustable cheek rest height of 1.2". The recoil pad cant is +/- 10 degrees.


    • B5 Precision Stock- The stock has adjustments for cheek riser and rear pad to make your length of pull longer. This gives the end user the ability to setup the rifle perfect for their use.


    • Ergo grip- This grip provides a more ergonomical grip with better dexterity in harsh environments over a standard polymer pistol grip.


    • Gas Tube- Stainless steel tubing.


    • Cerakote- This is a added option. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that is resistant to abrasion wear, corrosion and chemicals. Offered in many colors, it add a personalized touch to your rifle.


    Note: This is a DPMS pattern LR-308 (AR10) not an Armalite AR-10. All components on these rifles are 100% made in the United States, we don't use foreign parts on our guns period. The Sgt of Arms Marksman is built to order and has a current lead time of 20+ weeks.

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