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KGM RF22 Suppressor

KGM Technologies Suppressors are built to maintain your weapons accuracy, reduce muzzle flash, felt recoil (40%) with their patented APEC (Adjustable Port End Cap) brake and provide outstanding sound reduction.  KGM suppressors offer a flow through design that does not raise  operating system pressure in your gas gun.  This prevents over gassing your weapon and eliminates gas blow back. KGM suppressors come in many mounting options, including direct thread, Dead Air KeyMo,  SilencerCo ASR,  Q Plan-B and Area 419 Hellfire. These suppressors have been tested on Team Sgt Of Arms match rifles and have been performing exceptionally. These suppressors make shooting your AR10 or AR15 more enjoyable, by eliminating the gas blow back from hitting you in the face. Now you can focus on your shot, and enjoy repeatable accuracy and sound suppression comfortably on your gas gun. KGMs new technology is the best in the suppressor business based on our testing, and we at Sgt Of Arms are happy to offer them to our customers.



  • KGM R-Series Suppressors are designed to maintain your current weapon system’s accuracy. Through what we call complete suppressor concentricity. Adhering to our standard of minimal runout from both the outside diameter and internal aperture, KGM suppressors allow every projectile fired to have an even dispersion of pressure as it travels through the bore. Thus, providing superior system accuracy and minimal POI (Point of Impact) Shift.


Sound Reduction

  • KGM R-Series Suppressors greatly reduce impulse noise levels. Allowing end-users to perform at the highest level, while protecting from hearing loss.
  • Mounting Solution
  • KGM RF-22 comes threaded ½x28 TPI standard


Flash suppression

  • KGM R-Series Suppressors utilize a technology mixture of our patented baffle stack, and KGM proprietary material coating of all internal parts to allow for the lowest possible flash signature.


Recoil Reduction

  • KGM R-Series Suppressors feature our APEC (Adjustable Port End Cap). This allows for maximum recoil reduction regardless of system’s caliber or configuration. Giving the end-user the option to close any of the ports allows them the ability to tune the recoil impulse generated from the directional dispersion of pressure as it leaves the suppressor.Additionally, the KGM APEC allows for lower system backpressure. Allowing weapon systems to run better, smoother, for longer.



  • 4.2 Ounces
  • 5.2” OAL
  • 1.20” Diameter



  • .22LR – 5.7 x 28



  • .22LR, .17 HMR, .22WMR



  • Grade 5 Titanium Blast Baffle
  • Grade 9 Titanium Tube & Mount
  • 7075 Aluminum Stack Baffles
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