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JP AR10 Silent Captured Spring Gen 2 Heavy Buffer


JP Enterprises Silent Capture System is a self-contained buffer system that reduces recoil, smooths out the operation of the rifle, and gets rid of the cheese grater sound of the buffer and spring. These are one of the best upgrades we have found made to a rifle that you already own and a must if you are in the process of building one. Includes spacer to allow for installation in both carbine- and rifle-length buffer tubes.  Recommend these for rifles that are suppressed, not running an adjustable gas block and short gas systems on higher pressure calibers. Provides consistent lockup paired with the JP LMOS.


This system design eliminated friction that standard buffer assemblys have. This in turn results in exceptional smoothness and reduced sound. The Gen 2 now has an aluminum guide rod to help cut overall weight. These come in standard and H2 weight configurations. They offer the added option to add more weight by purchasing just the weights. This is what we use on all of our Marksman and Marksman light builds, they provide the best over all experience for the end user.  These fit all styles of shooting from the hunter to PRS style matches.



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