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ESF (End plate, Sling Adapter, Forward Controls Design)

ESF-H is no light weight at 1.1oz.  Our design philosophy focuses on utility, simplicity, and durability.  4140 ESF-H is heavy, because it is practically bomb proof, and will outlast the 7075 aluminum receivers.  Our concern with weight is only limited to keeping our designs as close to TDP weight as possible.  There isn’t a TDP equivalent for the ESF, and the 4140 ESF-H’s weight is centered on the AR, it will not cause the weapon to be front or rear heavy, thus we deem its heft to be acceptable, given its immense strength.


  • Forward Controls Design ESF-H-(End plate, Sling Adapter) Added adjustability with three quick detach sling swivel sockets. With running the B5 stock you can fully collapse the stock and still take advantage of the rear QD socket. This is a very durable end plate made from 4140 steel.


  • In order to accommodate the rear facing socket, and fill one of the design requirements that ESF must be able to use stakable castle nuts and allow the carbine stock to fully collapse, ESF has a slight increase in width on the sides, and small openings on the top of the sockets housing.  These design cues do not affect ESF’s structural integrity, and mostly go unnoticed by users, they merely reflect a paradox, that it can be quite complicated to create a simplified design.  A seemingly simple product can often be more than meets the eye.
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