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  • Apex Predator Light Upper

    The Apex Predator Light was designed for your hardcore hunters who need match grade precision when it counts.  The heart of this rifle comes from our proven Marksman line but with a few modifications.  We got with some of our pro staff that are competition predator and hog hunters to get their wants and needs out of a hunting rifle to make them more successful in the field.  The feedback we got was some control modifications, different cartridge offerings and suppressor ready. The Sgt of Arms ARCA Handguard comes standard on this model; we've found that the dovetail across the bottom not only is good for its intended purpose with ARCA-SWISS tripod setups, but also to provide a flat surface to set the rifle on when a tripod mount is not present (IE a sandbag on a deerstand or fence post).  Collectively we have been field testing these rifles most of last year, and continue to do so almost weekly.  They have preformed flawlessly in the field; successfully harvesting everything from coyotes, hogs, deer and more.  We have selected calibers that have a wide selection of fur friendly bullets.


    • Aero Enhaced Upper- The M4E1 upper receiver is a one-piece design combining the hand-guard mounting platform with the upper itself. Through superior engineering they have condensed the parts needed to mount a free-floated hand-guard.


    • Sgt of Arms ARCA Handguard- Made from 6063 T3 Aluminum. This is a one piece free float design with a integrated ARCA on the bottom of the hand-guard. You can fit up to a 1.5" outside diameter suppressor in the hand-guard. Has quick disconnect sockets on the front and rear on each side of the hand-guard.


    • Sgt of Arms Barrel- High end match grade barrels that produce half moa or better groups with supporting quality parts. Barrels are 416R stainless, button cut 5R rifling, and hand lapped. A headspaced bolt is provided with the barrel. These barrels are custom cut to order, with the highest QC in the industry.


    • Gas Tube- Stainless steel tubing.


    • Sgt of Arms Ambi Charging Handle


    • Cerakote- This is a added option. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that is resistant to abrasion wear, corrosion and chemicals. Offered in many colors, it add a personalized touch to your rifle.

    The Apex Predator Light upper is built to order and has a current lead time of 20+ weeks.



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