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Fcd bolt catch, forward controls design bolt catch, ar15 bolt catch

ABC/R v3 (Augmented Bolt Catch / Release)

Forward Controls Design ABC/R v3 offers an angled and larger top paddle along with a lower paddle with an increased surface area specifically designed to be used with AR15 or M16 receivers with an ambidextrous mag release. Both of the paddles have a slightly outward facing angle, making it easier to get your palm or fingers on the paddle for a seamless magazine change. Offered in both serrations and dimples for added grip and ergonomics. The notch directly above the ABC/R's lower paddle is meant to provide a physical indication of the beginning of the lower paddle to be able to easily determine one surface from another without the need to look. 

ABC/R v3 has different upper paddle options based on the shooter's reloading style

  • FB (forward biased) is for the right hand user that wrap their left hand around the mag well and use the left thumb to press the bolt catch's upper paddle. The FB version's upper paddle is shifted to the muzzle end.


  • Standard (center)- the upper paddle is not biased towards the front or the rear


  • RB (rear biased)- is for the left hand users that use their extended left index finger to reach the bolt catch paddles. This version's upper paddle is shifted towards the butt stock end to make the paddle more accessible.


These are machined from billet 8620 alloy steel. 



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