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  • 1210KM and 1215KM Keymo brakes

    These keymo brakes are  a single chamber brake, with a baffle like chamber forward of the ports.  The tines on top and bottom that connect the Keymo mount to the front chamber are of symmetrical, we think a smaller/thinner top tine to force more gas upward is unnecessary.


    Designed to have less concussion than most brakes.  In terms of felt recoil reduction,  most brakes are similar in performance.  In the old days, some tank guns brakes are nothing more elaborate than a tube mounted perpendicular to the bore forming a T shape, it doesn't take much to make a brake that works.  If one is to look at old tank gun brakes, he will soon realize these tank gun brakes and most muzzle brakes for small arms today bear surprising resemblances and design.


    • Machined in 4140 steel, heat treated and black nitrided.
    • 1/2x28
    • Length: 2.402"
    • Weight: 3.81 oz
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