Which Trigger is Best for my AR?

March 2, 2018

Figuring out which trigger is one of the hardest parts on an AR to pick.  There are so many of them out there and everyone has their preferences but a lot of times that because its the only one they have used or its just the best one they have used, so they think its the best.  Then there is the decision of using a drop in or traditional style triggers?  When picking out a trigger you need to look at your application, the round you are using, your budget, how heavy of a pull do you want and the mechanics of the trigger.  A lot of people just go for the best feeling because that's how they have always done it with a bolt gun, but an AR trigger is different.  The best feeling trigger might not always be the best trigger for you.  If the trigger doesn't have the hammer strength you need then you will get light primer strikes or if you are looking for the best accuracy having a slow lock up time will not aid in getting that accuracy.  So lets take a look at the two main types of triggers.


Let's cover drop in triggers first. Drop ins do have their advantages that is for sure.  They are very easy to install, most have around a 3.5 pound pull, nice and crisp pull. Also they aren't overly priced, not a bad overall trigger.  They work pretty well for most applications.  The down side to drop in triggers are they have lighter hammer strength and their lock up time is normally slower than a normal two piece trigger.  I do like drop in triggers for hunting purposes with most calibers.  Not a huge fan of them for precision though or in calibers that have harder primers that require that extra hammer strength, ie: 7.62x39, 9mm, and some 223/5.56 do have harder primers but majority of the time the drop in will be fine with most 223/5.56 ammo. 


The other option on triggers are you more traditional style triggers.  They might install like a mil-spec but they sure aren't a mil-spec trigger.  I am talking about triggers from Geissele and Hiperfire.  These style triggers have more hammer strength and faster lock up times than the drop ins do.  If you are a 2 stage trigger fan the Geissele is the way to go. They build probably the best 2 stage on the market today.  With as many options as they have in styles, and pull weights you will be sure to find one you like.  If you are a single stage person like myself the Hipefire 24c, 3g and Eclipse are great triggers.  I use the eclipse in all my personal rifles and the Marksman line of rifles.  They have a 2 pound 5 ounce pull, short reset, crisp break and very little if any creep.   What I really like about them is the amount of hammer strength they have and how fast their lock up time is.  No trigger on the market today has more hammer strength than these triggers especially if you use the lighter springs.  Its 35% more than a mil-spec trigger and the fastest lock up time on the market.  One more thing on the two piece triggers to be careful of is just using a mil-spec trigger and putting lighter springs in them.  Yes it will lower your pull weight but it also lowers your hammer strength which can result in light primer strikes.  I have had customers do these style of triggers and some work fine and others not so much.  Even to the point of getting light strikes on Grendel ammo which isn't known for hard primers.  So if you go down this road just know that this is a possibility.


I hope this helps answer some questions on triggers that a lot of people have.  If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email at eric@sgtofarms.com or hit me up on social media.  Till next time, shoot straight and often






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