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Level 1 Long Range Class

We have 3 classes for next year on the calander.

Both days we will start at 0730 and end around 1800


Sgt of Arms is now offering Long Range Classes. This will be a 2 day class at Triple C Range in Cresson, Texas. The instructor for this class is the owner of Pillars of Precision. He has spent years either as or teaching Special forces snipers along with competitive shooters.

Lunch and water will be provided.  If you don't have a weapon that you feel is adequate for this class we will have rentals for $100 plus ammo cost, please contact us for gun rentals. 



Day 1 Class

Intro to Long Range Shooting

This class will cover all the basics of shooting long range from a bench or prone position. You will learn all the techniques and information you will need to successfully engage targets up to 1200 yards.


Gear Required for the class

  • Rifle capable of shooting sub moa in a caliber that can reach 1000-1200 yards
  • Scope that has turrets that you can dial and preferably a scope with a reticle that has holdovers
  • Pen
  • Applied Ballistics App on your phone or a kestrel with Applied Ballistics
  • Rear support bag
  • Bipod
  • 100-120 rounds of match grade ammo


Day 2

Intro into Competition shooting

This class will give you the information, skills and techniques to successfully engage targets from multiple positions and off different props to 1k yards.




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