Sgt of Arms has solved the ARCA problem for AR15 and AR10 precision gas gun weapons. We have listened to the shooters in the PRS market, predator hunters, and long range shooters. The SOA ARCA rail comes in two main options for length: 15.5" and 17.5". We also designed the inside diameter at 1.72" to allow the use of a suppressor with your precision weapon. The MLOK slots give you the ability to attach any accessories with ease and readily available components at 7 sides total. The MLOK slots are not only at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions, it has 4 more options at the diagonal angles. It's 100% compatible with Aero Precision Enhanced upper receivers. It's also fully compatible with standard MilSpec upper receivers and non-milspec Billet upper receivers with a supplied barrel nut. Within its class, the SOA ARCA rail comes in at only 11.5oz on the 15.5" version, and only 12.3oz in the 17.5" version. Both these weights are without barrel nut. The barrel nut comes in 5.4oz. QD holes are machined on both sides at the front and rear for ease or use with a sling.

Sure a lot of you all are wondering what is ARCA, or why do I need ARCA on my rifle? Let me help you out, ARCA Swiss, or ARCA for short came from the camera world. The big heavy super high end cameras are normally mounted to a tripod by an ARCA Swiss dovetail because it is more stable and versatile than the regular tripod mounting systems. In the shooting world this translate really well into long range shooting, PRS style competitions, predator hunting, high angle mountain shooting and tactical over-watch shooting styles. You can clamp your rifle into a tripod that has an ARCA ball-head on it anywhere you want along the handguard that fits your current shooting situation the best. Now you aren't limited to just being able to put your rifle on your tripod in one location because that is where your adapter is or if you are using a clamp style ball-head you have to put it on the balance point of the rifle. Another benefit of ARCA is if you are running a bipod with the ARCA adapter you can slide that bipod from the very front to the back in the matter of seconds if you are shooting off something that is not very wide and still be very stable. These handguards also give you a wide flat bottom so if you are using a shooting bag like the Armageddon Gear "gamechanger" or you are trying to shoot off a deer blind window you now have a wider flat surface to sit on that surface giving you more stability.

ARCA Swiss Benefits

  • More Versatile shooting positions

  • More stable tripod shooting

  • Wide flat base for shooting off bags or other surfaces

  • More bipod positions

If you are a serious hunter, long range competition shooter, or a tactical long range shooter and you don't have ARCA on your rifle you are missing out. As of right now there has never been a more stable or versatile way to mount a rifle to a tripod or to mount your bipod to your weapon than ARCA.

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