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Feeding Issues with an AR.

I keep seeing more and more what mags are the best or why am I having feeding issues, is it my mag post on social media. Then you have guys that have ran the same brand mag and never had an issue or you have guys that have ran it and had the issue. People wonder why that is. Well to answer the first question asc, c products, elander, stoner and whatever other mag will all work just fine. The issue that people have are with the feed lips. With the differences in tolerances in lowers sometimes the mag rides to high or to low and that is what causes the feeding issues. Is the mag or mag company junk? No they aren't. All you have to do is do a little testing and then bend your feed lips to fix the issue. If you can't load a mag with the bolt closed and you are getting brass marks on the bottom of your BCG then you need to bend you feed lips down some. The rounds are riding to high in your mag. If your BCG is skipping over the round or just barely grabbing it but wont load it into the chamber then you feed lips are to low and you need to bend them up some. Normally when this happens I will bend the front of them a little more than the back to help it release the round earlier and at a higher angle. Now when you do this do it a little at a time as it usually wont take much to fix the issue. I have never had to remove any material from my mags in the front like the picture that goes around says to. If the feed lips are bent right it should get rid of that issue. I use pliers to bend the feed lips also MPA makes a feed lip tool. If you are having thses issue on polymer mags then all you have to do is file or sand the feed lips to accomplish the same thing. I hope this helps a lot of you all out and maybe those mags you thought were junk you can actually use.

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