Marksmanship Training

Are You Interested In Marksmanship Training, Marksman Training or a Marksmanship Course?

When you are learning to shoot a gun or want to improve for the purpose of winning competitions, it’s time for you to get scheduled into marksmanship training. Marksman training is a good way to learn your weapon better, so you can shoot more accurately and make sure you’re giving your best at a competition.

Our marksmanship courses are unique. We offer the TX LTC class, Level 1 Long Range class, Level 2 Long Range class, defensive pistol and carbine class and the long-range experience. We want you to be able to try different kinds of shooting and to be fully experienced, so that you can handle your weapon safely and accurately.

Here’s a little more about our Level 1 long-range class. It’s a two-day class held at the Triple C Range in Cresson. There, the instructor will provide an intro to long-range shooting. During the first day, you’ll cover all the basics of shooting long range from both the prone and bench positions. You’ll learn techniques and information that will help you shoot well and accurately up to 1,200 yards.
Day two is even better, giving you a peek into what competition shooting is like. The second day gives you information, techniques and skills needed to engage targets from multiple positions. We’ll teach you to use different props and to shoot accurately from up to 1,000 yards.

There is gear required for each class, but if you don’t have the weapon that is needed or that you feel is adequate, we’ll provide you with one for $100.

Marksmanship is an excellent way to train your eye and to gain cell memory to help you shoot well and accurately all the time. Long-range shooting might not be your goal, though. If not, you might be more interested in a pistol class. The defensive pistol and carbine class is a two-day class that helps you learn to use your pistol to defend yourself in your home. We’ll teach you with different scenarios and use barriers, so you get the real feel of defending yourself when you’re in an enclosed space.

Many of our classes include lunch and water for our clients, so all you have to do is arrive and get ready to shoot. We would love to chat to you about these and other classes that we have coming up soon, because we know that you’re going to love them and want to sign up before they sell out. Chat with us or call today to find out more about our courses.