Home Defense

Interested in Armorer Services? If You Need Help with Home Defense, Call Us

You never liked being home alone, but when you got married and had kids, home defense took on a new meaning. You want to be there for your family whenever they need you, but if you can’t be there, you want to know that your spouse and family members can defend themselves. Talk to us about armorer services and learning about home defense.

At SoA, we offer a variety of training programs that will help you learn how to use a pistol or other weapon to defend yourself when necessary. We work hard to make our courses simple and easy to follow. In just two days, you can gain more experience and knowledge, so you have practice defending yourself and the skills to do so if you have to.

At SoA, we were formed by a former combat veteran who had a vision of creating a gun shop focused on quality and precision. We know that precision makes a difference in the seconds it takes to defend yourself. If you get only one shot, you want to make sure it lands where you aimed.

If you are interested in shooting competitions or further training, please take a look at our upcoming classes and courses. We shoot in matches ourselves, so we would love to talk to you about what you can do to prepare and join in.

We know that buying a weapon online might be intimidating, so feel free to reach out to us about coming into the store to see what we have. We ship and allow for store pickup, so if you’d like to learn more about us or see what we offer, come by. We’d be happy to give you more information.