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Do you want to buy a gun from a gun shop that focuses on precision and expertise? Here at Sgt. Of Arms, we’re dedicated to creating the highest-quality items for our customers. We are a store owned and operated by a veteran, so you can trust that we put all our effort into the guns we sell. Here at SoA, we’re competition shooters, so we know what it takes to win. We take pride in the fact that we can shoot long range and engage targets despite the distance. We’re meticulous and make sure our rifles are precise, because there is never a reason that one shouldn’t be.

We make sure that we are always up to date on the latest gun models, state and federal regulations, and safety training. It’s important to us that we are your trusted firearm shop and we want you to come to us with all of your questions and gun buying needs.

If you are interested in buying from a quality firearm shop, you can shop online and in our store. We also offer training services and would love to chat with you if you have questions. Please reach out to us at 682-216-6140 if you have any questions about what we do.


Fort Worth, Tx

Tel: 817-668-0433

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